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Label design for a Canadian sandwich company's packaging (Two Triangles)

Information for the business: We sell prepacked sandwiches in Vancouver. All info about us can be found at Industry: Food and Beverage Target audience: Young Professionals Messages to communicate through the design: -Fresh -Handmade -Healthy (ish) -Fun -Artisanal -Local Details about the product: A damn good sandwich, made fresh that day! Ideas for the visual style: Anything that grabs the customers attention and conveys that our food is fresh Things to avoid: Anything safe and boring! If its been done a thousand times before, it's not for us. Preferred colors: We love bright colours! However we are open to anything you as a designer thinks works best with the packaging. Urls to draw inspiration from:, Extra notes: Please see below the packaging spec: Our Window Sandwich Wedge is made from 100% recycled material, with 35% post-consumer product. It is processed chlorine free, and is recyclable. Item Dimensions: 2-31/32 x 4-45/64 x 4-45/64 in (7.5 x 12 x 12 cm) As you can see from the pictures, on the right-hand side of the packet there is a lock, so please bare that in mind when designing. We are open to any number of options regarding design, weather it be a few stickers or one bigger sticker. Its up to you. Two things that are a must though are that the majority of the window is kept clear (we don't mind if some of the sticker is covering the window, but for the most part we need it clear) and also we need a clear space on the sticker where we can write or stamp the flavour of the sandwich. We have no preference to where this is (it must be on the front though..obvs!)

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Corel Draw, Vectr, Adobe Creative Suite,
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