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Need interior designer for basement Home Day Care

Design details: I am planning to start Home Day Care business in my basement. It will have four children (under age of 3). I do have a basement. I am looking to get your help to pick right pieces of furniture which would fit and look good in the given space. Following shall be considered when designing: 1. Sit and play area 2. Eating & drawing area 3. Sleeping area 4. Toy storage which can be reachable by children 5. Writing/drawing board on the wall 6. Portable or multipurpose furniture pieces In your proposal, please include following: 1. Apx cost of furniture. I prefer to purchase it from Ikea,,,, or 2. How many changes will you make after initial design. 3. How long will it take to do initial design and each change? 4. I am open to get your suggestion of color theme. Would you make recommendations and will I be able to see it in 3D with real pieces of furniture which you would recommend to purchase? 5. I would like to get rate for the whole project vs hourly rate. 6. Link to your previous work. Ideas for the visual style: Things to avoid: lightweight furniture which can fall on children Extra notes: Area of basement is 15'x17' with an aisle and stairs. I can send pics when needed.

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