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To fix the Bank payment passerelle connexion with WooCommerce.

General information for the website: Wordpress for a gallery Kind of development: Customization of existing website Num. of web pages/modules: 1 Description of every page/module: We would like to evaluate the best option/solution for connecting WooCommerce with the Bank in Spain. We ask to fix WooCommerce to connect correctly with the actual bank passerelle which is very sad. Alternatively you could evaluate another solution like REDSYS or Stripe if implemented with the actual site as it is now. We need to consider the faster way as criteria to select the method for the site as it is now. Description of requirements/features: In this moment the connector Plugin does not work properly and send (Trigger) the same success message as a completed sales cycle is done - even when the the process has been abandoned or refused. We need to ensure the complete process works correctly in differents events. Extra services needed: Optimization Extra notes: We are proposing to get an strait intervention for solution as a short pilot project, so allow us to evaluate if you can provide simply solutions and make scalable for more projects. If you can appreciate, the problem is not totally technical, what we are looking is for your capabilities to find the right solution with the site as it is now. Recommendations are appreciated as part of the evaluation.

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PHP, CSS, Bazaar,
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