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Finish a custom wordpress site with EDD integration (senior dev)

General information for the website: Website with integration to Easy Digital Downloads for stock photos Kind of development: Customization of existing website Description of every page/module: We need this done by Tuesday, it's estimated in around 15 hours more of work (we'll pay by the hour), we'll select a freelancer as soon as possible. Need to keep a git rep updated, since our deadline is short and we can't have it postponed by a failed work. More details of the job will be sent by message. Examples of development that will be done: Fixing design/front end issues and slicing not done yet, finish reset password, modify default plugin behavior of AllAccess pass, etc Freelancer needs to be very experienced, detail-oriented (css animation too). Having experience with Easy Digital Downloads is essential because we don't have time to spend with learning. Don't even send a proposal if you don't meet those requirements. Possibility of more work if this goes well. Description of requirements/features: The job is already estimated in around 15 hours (if the freelancer is very experienced, it can be done in less time), we'll pay by the hour. The tasks to be done will be informed by message, as we can't disclose the content and the website here. Extra notes:

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CVS, Apache, MySQL,
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