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Front end development project - Infographic template that updates through back-end

General information for the website: Infographic template that updates simple graphics through back-end Description of every page/module: We have designed a fairly simple infographic template, and we require a developer to take this and code a simple back-end (most likely a spreadsheet type interface) where figures can be entered or selected from a dropdown menu that will update the graphics. All graphics will be supplied in Ilustrator format, so no design work is required, but the ability to export items of out of Illustrator for use in the template is probably necessary. Once the template has been updated, the user should be able to save the template to a database and download the graphic as either a PDF for print or a JPEG for web use. Description of requirements/features: Template needs to: - Be shown on the same screen as back-end (2x landscape A4 pages above each other) - 'Live' update graphics as data is entered - Have the ability to upload a logo to display on the template - Show dialogue box errors if unsuitable data is entered - Contain a database to hold saved templates Extra notes: We can supply the files of a similar project that was produced for us by another developer for reference, along with a full brief. Please see below for how the template will look and the information that will have to be updated as entered through the back-end.

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Python, VBA, JavaScript/jQuery,
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