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I need a website designed and developed

General information for the website: Online gift registry Kind of development: New website from scratch Num. of web pages/modules: 10-15 Description of requirements/features: A website where users can create and share gift lists with others. A gift list can be created by clicking through to affiliate retailers' sites and adding items to the user's registry on the gift registry website. Individual products will not be listed on the gift registry site, only product categories. When a user clicks or hovers over the graphical representation of the product category, they will be presented with a list of affiliate retailers that they can click through to their website to select products to add to their gift list. Users will first need to install a button to their browser that will enable them to add items to their gift list. We believe this is some form of extension/add on, similar in functionality to the Amazon Universal wishlist button, Pinterest button and LoveSales browser button. When an item is added to the gift list via the browser button, this should capture the details and price of the product. Once the gift list is complete, the user can then share the list with friends and family by inputting emails (via copy & paste or csv upload) or by copying the URL and distributing via their personal email. There are 8 product categories with multiple retailers per category that users can click through to, to choose products from. We want the product categories to be depicted by graphical representation (drawing/sketch) of the items. We expect the number of pages to be roughly 10 to 15 in number. The website designer should also be available for Skype calls for further discussions throughout the project, if required. No domain or web hosting services required. CMS and Admin requirements: CMS required Extra notes:

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