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Can someone create me a website like this...............

General information for the website: Architectural Design Description of requirements/features: Click the website, skip the front page, skip the video......not interested in the video tool. What I am interested in is the function where you scroll down the page and the image inside the shape changes. I would like a scrolling website, where the first screen is clean, has a message in the middle, simple logo in the middle, then when you scroll down you see an image of house in drawing lines, then as you scroll further this changes to the photo of the completed (built) project. There will be other design considerations and I do have another job posted relating to my requirement for a website, but I would like to find out if there is someone that is able to create this feature. If so, you have the job! Haha.......and we can discuss the other design elements/pages after this. Extra services needed: Installation Extra notes:

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One time job

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Python, TFS, JavaScript/jQuery,
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