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General information for the website: Build a website on WIX incorporating Shopify for a women's clothing label to sell products online. Kind of development: New website from scratch Num. of web pages/modules: Approx 10 Description of every page/module: I would like the website to be simple and easy to navigate, I am also keen that it reflects the products I am selling; ladies clothes that are smart, chic and cool. I would like the site to have a fresh and high end feel to it. Not dissimilar to the feel of the Jo Malone website. I have a couple of other websites the style and layout of which I like, so would be useful to discuss these during the building process. The homepage should include a large photo, the following headers: Home, Shop, About Us, Contact. The following footers below the photo: Shipping, Care & Size, Returns Policy, Privacy and T's & C's. In addition I would like an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter to pop up when you first land on the homepage, and options to follow on Facebook. Also, links for shopping basket. All headers and footers link to very simple pages, perhaps the odd photo, and otherwise just some copy. The 'Shop' page might need a bit of thought but there will be a maximum of six items to begin with and I am keen to keep things simple for the buyer. Scalable; it's early stages for this company but I would like to keep the options scalable, so should product numbers increase, prices change, etc, then I can make the necessary amendments myself. I would need the website to be compatible with smart phones and present appropriately on them. Description of requirements/features: Nothing too fancy required, just the basics really. CMS and Admin requirements: I have bought the domain name but need to transfer this to WIX and get an email address etc. I would also like some help in setting up a Facebook page for the business. Extra services needed: Customization Similar urls: Extra notes:

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