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Web Development with a mobile app

General information for the website: HR Website with secure login and mobile app Kind of development: New website from scratch Num. of web pages/modules: not known Description of every page/module: Please see below Description of requirements/features: I'm interested in finding out if you are able to help us create a HR based website for us to use within our company. As many of our employees use their Smart Phones I would also like to consider a Mobile App. At the moment I don't have a budget and I would like to start working on a design brief, but before I do I need to understand what sort of detail you require from me. I've detailed below a very rough outline of what I require. 1. Company News, Updates, Strategy, Big Events 2. Department News, Updates, Strategy, Big Events 3. Profile of all Department Key Customers, Sales info etc.. 4. Profile on all members of staff in approximately 6 or 6 teams. Pictures, Videos, Messages, etc. 5. Ability to send out questionnaires to all members of the team to measure, happiness, levels of communication, etc 6. Ability to display and record feedback from Questionnaires for everone to monitor and check progress. 7. Ability to send out Appraisal Questionnaires to measure Peer to Peer relationships, measure Managers Effectiveness, 8. Ability to send questionnaires to our Customer to measure our levels of service and quality 9. Peer to Peer bonus system that allows us to award any member of our department or someone else in the company with points, based on our perception of them doing a good job. 10. Ability for us to post employees Payslips and other confidential information. 11. Secure Login for employees with a record of who logs in Please note that this project is in the very early stages and I've been asked to see if its feasible and practical. Please let me know your thoughts and if possible an estimation of both cost and time. Extra notes:

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Oracle, Apache, REST API,
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