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Clone a Web App for Curating Web Content

General information for the website: Clone a Web App for Curating Web Content Kind of development: New website from scratch Description of every page/module: This project is the creation of a fully operational clone of the website Description of requirements/features: which is used for curation of web content. The web app should be created using HTML, PHP, and Javascript for the front end with MySQL for the backend database. The completed code should be saved in a private Github account and should be installed in a Windows instance on Amazon AWS to be provided by the employer. The completed website should be functional in all respects as the original site. A Chrome plug-in should be created too with functionality the same as on the original site. CMS and Admin requirements: The completed project should have the same functionality of the original site. However all applicable intellectual property laws should be respected. The freelancer should not attempt to locate or obtain the actual code used on the original website. Logos or other intellectual property assets should not be copied. Such intellectual property assets on the original site should be replaced with alternate, original assets. Extra notes:

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Git, JavaScript, Bazaar,
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