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Create my website

I need someone to create my website. I have godaddy for my hosting site and I have my domain name from google domains. YOU MUST SPEAK ENGLISH 100 PERCENT. I listed the details below for what I want for the site. Please email me if you can do this job and how much. I want the turn around to be 2 weeks. I like how this websites front page Of course its kind plain and I don't like all the clutter in words. But everything is laid out in front page that gives explanation of whats going on. Business website in which people can create personal profiles(I am working on the list of what I want to be on their profile) if they choose and upload videos Some competition will be for female only and male only. They will know before they register. You have to register to compete in competitions but a profile is not mandatory Profile must be able to take payments of credit card, debt card or paypal All participants have to agree to a waiver when registering for the competitions(my lawyer is typing my disclaimer now) the waiver has to be online Website must have a mobile app with brand/logo that could be advertised to be download if they choose to use that rather then go to the web page. Especially for high school and college kids.. Website/app has to be very very easy to use for customers to use Past competition page where people can go and see results and who the winners are (I want this kind of like YouTube where people can browse through the videos and previous competition. I want website to have my logo on it (my logo is being created now) SEO, domain name, hosting service Rules list must be presented for each video competition I upload. The rules should be listed on front page or with the video. (I'm working on rules now) Notification of every competition should be alerted to each app and email when they sign up for the app and website. This is a must so I can always inform people of the new challenges. Suggestion page for new ideas(only allowed buy customers who have competed in 2 or more compositions) I want the website to be followed on social media, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, IG, and any other new upcoming social media site. I want a contact page and I want a business email for the website where I can get emails directly and contact people from them Page with a calendar of upcoming competitions (I will give you ideas for how I want this page to look and what to say) preregistration for those as well who want to register for them. A count down timer to next competitions Website colors Black, green maybe some white If it possible I would like a display showing how many people have registered for each competition I would like to be able to post winners picture/or video on front of website so others can see. I WANT PEOPLE TO BE ABLE TO UPLOAD THEIR VIDEO TO TRY TO WIN ONLINE EASY. IM NOT SURE IF THERE CAN BE ONE PAGE THEY CAN DO THIS WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE THE EXACT TIMES OF THE VIDEOS. IF THAT IS TO HARD TO DO THEN I WILL JUST STICK TO THEM EMAILING ME THE VIDEO OR TEXING IT TO ME ON THIER PHONE. THAT MIGHT CAUSE A STIR UP IF PEOPLE THINK I AM LETTING PEOPLE WIN WHO SHOULDNT. IT WOULD BE NICE IF EVERYONE COULD SEE EACH OTHERS TIME OF THE VIDEO. If people have a competition idea they can submit it to me and if I use it I will give them 10 percent of what the winner is supposed to get for the prize and they will automatically be disqualified from the competition. I want a page or somewhere they can submit their ideas to me or something that allows them to know of this. I don't want anything looking free on the website and I don't want the name of the server used on there.

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