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General information for the website: Recruitment Description of requirements/features: Background We run a training academy in an area that there is a huge, and growing, skills shortage. We have a number of recruitment firms who want to work with us to place students coming out of the training. Students typically pay for the training themselves, so they are keen to get ROI on their investment. The traditional model is that we’d refer a candidate to the recruiters and, if they get the job, we’d get a referral fee. However, even just tracking the progress and waiting for the cheque to come through is a highly labour-intensive, and we will never know if it is accurate. However, the value we create is in having a candidate pool - whether a recruiter manages to place that person is up to the candidate and the recruiter. If we can charge for access to that pool then we know we’ve done what we can in the process. Objective To help trainees get jobs To give recruitment firms easy access to trained candidates Process 1. Candidate view * When a candidate signs up for a course they can also sign up to job hunt, make their anonymised data available to recruiters * They then enter their core information - resume * The system recognises what class they are studying, and start and finish dates * System prompts them to update their details when they complete their training, complete their certification 2. Recruiter view * Recruiter signs up - first week free, monthly fee, one country, $1k = 10 searches, or something similar, limited number of users, no duplicate sign ons * Recruiter can see summary information e.g. first name, location (city, country), willingness to relocate (if so, where to), visas, what platforms they are trained on * Recruiter can contact them via our platform, to see if interested * If they are interested, the student releases their information to the recruiter, and our system is updated Challenges * Leakage - how to prevent recruiters stealing the information or getting candidates to go outside the system. I am totally pragmatic on this, but there has to be a clever way of keeping everyone on our platform until an appropriate moment. * Pricing - unlimited access, unlimited users etc. is not fair for the smaller companies. Nor is issuing and managing multiple used IDs practical. Ideally there would be a minimum entry-fee, that allows, say 5 successful introductions i.e. where a student has said “yes” to being put forward for a job. Extra notes: I am open to all suggestions on this. If there is an existing WP theme then even better. UI is important, but not essential for just getting to market. My general preference is just to get into the market with MVP then grow from there.

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