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Need a simple quiz script that passes answers [as tokens] into next pages of quiz.

General information for the website: Quiz lander Description of every page/module: I need a quiz script I can easily modify and customize pages, Q and answers. It needs to be like this one for frontend As a stand-alone script or WP plugin - gimme your options and pricing. See requirement list below. Description of requirements/features: 1. It needs to enable me to set tokens and grab answers/variables as part of next question/s text in following pages/ Quiz Pagination. 2. Be able to pop it into HTML or WP site page. 3. Super light and fast on page load. Page with quiz MUST load speedily. 4. Mobile responsive code. 5. Need an admin backend interface, if possible, 6. Multiple instances must be supported. 7. Entry/ answers data captured for Stats section. 8. Integrate entry upon submission [optin] to Mailchimp, so API with MailChimp is necessary and to pass that subscriber info, like age, sex, drinking and eating habits. CMS and Admin requirements: Stats: 1. the number of submissions, number partial/abandoned, and %, 2. need to see abandoned when most leave the quiz. pQ4 or Q7, as example]. in %. 3. % of who answer what choice in each Q. 4. be able to sort each question's total/all replies choice by low/high %. and: 5. CSS - need to be able to easily style headers, text, Q headers etc so all need to have well created classes I can edit in a stylesheet, or best in admin. Similar urls: Extra notes: Small budget, I am not a big company client, just an affiliate starting out. I want to see what you've done for quizzes before. Do NOT bomb me with a list of WP sites irrelevant to me and the scope of this gig. You'll get no reply if you do. I don't care to see if you can buy a theme and perhaps customize it. I want to see you can code and do quizzes.

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One time job

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Information analyst, Cyber security manager, Technology assurance,
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