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Hi, I'm looking to have a full website built through Woo Commerce. I already run a website through Big Cartel which i essentially will want to replicate the look of however I need some additional features such as: -Payment through PayPal Payment Pro so customers can either pay clearly through Paypal or with debit/credit card ( to enable payment through PayPal and debit card and made as user friendly as possible as PayPal Express is not easy to demonstrate that it's possible to pay with a Card) -Automatic email order confirmation to buyers of their purchases - Generate tracking emails from the website according to the relevant postal services to customers (shipment tracking extension) -Customers can get tracking information by putting their order numbers on the website -Woo commerce waitlist button extension so they can get request to be notified if item is out of stock on the website -Subscribe to email button on the checkout -Require their phone number as one of the details required on the checkout shipping details page -Customers can create an account so if they make another purchase don't have to re-fill shipping etc. -The text own the product photos of current website looks a bit too simple so need to make it look more sleek something similar to the look of Essentially the website I require will be the same as the one which is already created i just need it rebuilt on woo-commererce as my previous website provider (BigCartel) cannot offer the additional features my business now requires, it will be just a bit more cleaner and streamlined. Is it possible to get a rough quote about this also are the extensions mentioned above on a yearly basis through woo-commerce or a one off cost. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing this in detail with further examples. Thanks, Amna PHANTOM JEWELS

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