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Financial & calculation script

General information for the website: peer to peer invest skill Kind of development: New website from scratch Description of requirements/features: Payment Gateway Perfect Money Bitcoins Bank Deposit (If local System enabled) It is normal peer-to-peer like MMM. You selected for instance $1000 as your Donation. By the end of 30 days, you are due to Request for Donation. The donation comes with let say additional 30% or whatever admin set-up in the admin area. It is the script that will automatically match it. The Re-Commitment feature should work this way: 1. Member selects the amount to Donate or Provide Help (PH). For example, $1000. 2. If the system works on 30% increment, by the end of 30days, it should be $1,300. 3. Member will ONLY to be able to Receive or Get Help of $1000 within 2 days of requesting it. 4. When paid and system automatically verifies it, member should Donate or Provide Help nothing less than $1000... it can either be $1000 or more within 3 days the system verified him or her being paid. That is enabling Re-commitment button. It can be enabled or De-activated in the admin dashboard. 5. Once system matches member and another to be donated to, the member should now be able to Receive or Get Help of the remaining $300 with 2 days after s/he has fully donated. It means, profits can ONLY be withdrawn this way ONLY. This is make the system not to crash and sieve out hit and run members. 6. If the member withdraws his capital of $1000 and refused to re-commit within those 3 days, the system will give him or her 1 day additional grace period. The grace period should activate an automated email and sms to the member reminding him to Re-commit. 7. If s/he refused to do so during the grace period, the system will terminate his or her account automatically System Setting Site Name Site Email ETC in order to allow multiple installation Other Features are SMS Notification/Verification Email Notification/Verification Currency Support $ USD used by Bitcoin, Perfect Money ONLY ? NGN uses Bank Deposit ONLY R ZAR Bank Deposit ONLY GH? GHS Bank Deposit ONLY Admin can only enable 1 system currency and will be used globally CMS and Admin requirements: Admin can manage all system functions and features. Admin can give permission to other sub admin Payment methods: Specific Payment Gateway Specific technologies required: php, wordpress, css3, html5 Extra notes:

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