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Improve my API Proxy to work more efficiently

General information for the website: A Proxy Script that connect to an API and delivers data to Ajax call Kind of development: Customization of existing website Num. of web pages/modules: 1 Description of requirements/features: I am developing a API proxy to sit as a middle man between a backend API and a front end only website. The API I am connecting to can only be accessed via server side scripting but the website I am using it only does not allow server side scripting. I my proxy pulls the data from the api and makes it available to use with AJAX. There are 5 endpoints to the API: 1. Entity numbers (/entities) 2. Entity information (/entity/{id}) 3. Entity images (/entity/{id}/images) 4. Entity reviews (/entity/{id}/reviews) 5. Entity Reservation (entity/{id}/reserve) My current need is for someone to look over my code for the proxy's api connections and make the code more efficient. Specifically I need to: 1. make call to retrieve entity ids 2. make a call for each id to retrieve location information 3. combine all location's info into one array 4. make a call to each location's images endpoint 5. append each locations images to locations array 6. append each locations id to locations array I have this working but the issue is that it is taking a long time to run and every 3rd or 2nd time I refresh it times me out. My usual php developer is unavailable but he has done this before and it was fast. I am not a php developer and my attempts have been unsuccessful in terms of speed. I am using composer, proxymanager, and silex if it matters, but I think I just need to share my api calls and logic with you. Please let me know that you read this post otherwise I will decline. This should be a quick job that I need completed in the next few hours. I will need a little more help with launching this to server later as well as updates in the future. Extra notes:

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