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Ongoing WordPress plugin developer NO AGENCIES

General information for the website: Well create and sell CMS plugins Description of requirements/features: We are a small team of remote workers. We have 3 Americans and 1 overseas. We are looking for another programmer that can help pick up the pace.. You will focus on our WordPress Plugin. We have a 3rd party company developing it. It is a very slow pace. They have one full time worker, but with the time differences, it's very hard to communicate with them. We are CST/EST. We would like to find somebody to work on the project full time until it's completed. Assuming we all work well together, we would like to bring you on full time. We aren't expecting to work you hard, but we do expect you to show up to work. We understand working remotely gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. The core team is online every day, even weekends. I personally spend a lot of time building out projects. The ideal candidate will have a high understanding of programming overall. They should understand general security and design patterns. The primary programming languages we work in are Go and PHP. Additionally we use Cassandra, Redis, SQL (CockroachDB/MySQL/Postgres), NATS, etc.. Our primary web application is broken into smaller services. For our internal code we run a modified micro service system. All public implementation is written in PHP. You're job would to be focus on the PHP implementation. We expect you to write clean and legible code. This is the most important aspect! We take high quality seriously! If you have a strong set of foundations, we have no problem teaching you new things. I personally have a lot of real world experience and am will to teach anyone that wants to learn. I personally love trying out new things and learning new technologies. I would you would too. Extra notes:

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One time job

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Git, PostgreSQL, SVN,
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