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Social Networking Site (By a Hospital chain group)

General information for the website: A hospital chain group wants to develop a social networking website competing existing social networks. Kind of development: New website from scratch Num. of web pages/modules: Unlimited Description of requirements/features: We want to develop a social networking website like existing social networking websites but keep in mind that to replace them we must include features already existing in the present ones plus some more features. The website must have its own advanced media player, custom ad programming, all type of data files upload support, free and premium user gradings and all major payment options. We need PHP, JS, DBMS, Front End developers for that. Current opening is for the Core PHP developers only (no framework please). If you are an individual, tell us about your detailed payment rates, hourly or project wise. In that case you will need to work with other programmers. If you are a company, give a quote of how many PHP programmers you will deploy and their hourly rate and estimated time or a total estimate. Give estimate for PHP part only. Budget is not an issue since we understand it’s a long project and will consume a lot of fund and we have ample financial resources but still quote us the genuine price. Please provide a list of database driven applications you have developed. Regards, Brahmarishi Group. Extra services needed: Security Similar urls: Extra notes: Give only genuine quote, with reasons why you should be paid that amount.

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Job: #7398

420 day(s) 1h 10m



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One time job

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00:00 - 08:00

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PHP, CSS, Mercurial,
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