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I need some affiliate links cloaked

General information for the website: We are an Affiliate Travel Website Kind of development: Customization of existing website Num. of web pages/modules: 3 Pages Description of every page/module: Hello, I have just got a brand new Travel Affiliate Website built for me, for travel to a specific area of the globe. In order to start using this website, I require the nine affiliate links in this website be cloaked. Cloaking these links will give the impression that the links are not affiliate links, but the genuine article. As someone in your line of work knows, there are many disadvantages to using 'affiliate links' such as: 1) Google Analytics can spot affiliate links and stop them from being rated. 2) The general public can spot affiliate links and distrust buying products via them. 3) Clued up and dishonest individuals can send affiliate payments to their accounts when they identify other people's Affiliate ID. 4) Affiliate links look UGLY'. 5) Affiliate links are 'SLOW' And the list goes on and on. As you can see then, it is imperative that these 9 affiliate links be properly cloaked before I can start using this affiliate website of mine. If it were a WordPress website I might have been able to do this myself via WordPress plugins. However, this is an HTML website, more beautiful, more unique -- thus need fixing by someone of a "People Per Hour", stature. You come highly recommended. Description of requirements/features: As I have explained previously there are 9 affiliate links to be cloaked, masked, re-directed or whichever team different individuals use. Of these 9 affiliate links, 7 of them are on one page called the 'Resources' page of my travel affiliate website. 1 other affiliate link opens the 'Holidays' page, and the final affiliate link opens the 'Tours' page. Extra notes: I would appreciate that first of all, 'People Per Hour' does not view this task as too small and demeaning for it to carry out. Secondly, I would hope that if accepted, whomsoever undertakes the task, would treat it as a serious, necessary and essential job.

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