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DUPLICATE SDM’S WEBSITE TO CREATE A STAGING SITE (task #33 in the project sheet)

General information for the website: Soieries du Mekong's website is e-selling hand crafted silk products from Cambodia Description of requirements/features: In Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia Wednesday, the 6th of July 2017 To whom it may concerns, Soieries du Mékong (SdM) is a social business which is working on improving women’s empowerment in rural areas in Cambodia by providing to youngers a silk weaving training, a sustainable job, and by promoting their traditional know how. We would like to work with you on the User Interface / User eXperience to improve the profits of SdM’s website by increasing its conversion rate. Please refer to the following google spreadsheet which is listing every task of the project and its details (to identify your tasks, have a look at the “IT support” mention in the “assigned to” and “monitored by” columns): You would firstly be involved in the task described below. We would like you to estimate its cost, as well as the amount of time you would probably need to accomplish it. DUPLICATE SDM’S WEBSITE TO CREATE A STAGING SITE (task #33 in the project sheet): Our advances: We already created a hosting place on our own servers and did the settings of the subdomain. We also created a designed empty file on the server using the FTP (tree structure will be communicated in due course). We finally updated the destination files for the existing ftp logins. The staging site is already available online at the following address: Your mission: The files you will have to duplicate to create the staging site are quite heavy. We do not have enough place on the server for now. We will have to work together on SdM’s database to free some place by deleting useless tables/folders. After having created enough place on the server, you will have to clone the website on the designed location. It is very important to isolate the staging site’s database from the live site’s one while proceeding this step. The final result should be an exact copy of the existing website: Finally, you will be asked to create FTP logins so that nobody except the ones that have the credentials can access it. We estimated the cost of this task to be around 112$. This amount is the result of the average hourly wage of a qualified IT engineer (28$, sources : payscale, blog) multiplied by the estimated number of working hours (4). We eventually are up to any more competitive offers. We would like the task to be done by the middle of next week at least. Once we find an agreement, we would provide you with our FTP IDs (server, login, password), our PhpMyAdmin IDs (URL, login, password) and our prestashop backend IDs (URL, login, password). You would also be pleased to comment your tasks on the provided spreadsheet so that we can update their status. In order to achieve this mission, we will need the help of a qualified and trustable web engineer. Freelancers with experiences in our digital environment (CMS: Prestashop, Host: OVH, MySQL admin tool: PhPmyAdmin) would be valued. As you probably noticed by looking at the provided spreadsheet, our digital project is quite ambitious and we would most likely need further IT supports to complete it. If we are both satisfied by our potential partnership, we would be happy to maintain it for further missions. Our digital marketing service is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia (GMT+7). Feel free to contact us by commenting this proposal or using the IDs below. Best regards, François-Tobie de MAUPEOU CMS and Admin requirements: CMS: Prestashop Host: OVH MySQL admin tool: PhPmyAdmin

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