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Prestashop, send order_config to an email when changing to an order status

I have a marketplace shop (with sellers) in Prestashop, each seller has his account seller in the marketplace, but i do the delivery service at home, with some delivery boys. When I receive a new order, I have to assign it to a delivery boy. This delivery boy has to collect the order in the seller shop and deliver it at the customer. Then I want to create several order statuses called "assigned to the delivery boy X" (where X is the number of the delivery boy). Each delivery boy has his email "[email protected]" (where X is the number of the delivery boy) Then i need: when I change the order status to "assigned to delivery boy X" my prestashop must to send an email to "[email protected]" (not to the customer email) with an email template similar to order_conf with all the details of the order (order id, product list, prices, total, delivery customer address, phone number, seller shop, seller address, etc ...). It is important to also include the order_id (not order reference), so the delivery boy has all the information to collect the order and deliver it. For example i change the order status of an order to "assigned to delivery boy 3" then sends an email to "[email protected]" with all the order information to collect it at the seller shop and deliver at customer address. How cost it? and how will you do that?? (module, override...)

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