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Video motion in French sub english

Video Text (Presentation PWFM + purpose and radio principle) 1 / Video: Screenshots or scrollers with the group the page the site and in the background a track of one of the piwi of the vinyl 001 or 002 Text: PWFM is the platform dedicated to the new talents of the electronic music which arrives on your mobile with its application "Piwi" 2 / Video: Screenshots of the radio that plays with a sound of one of the guys in the radio or picture in this genre: Text: PWFM is a collaborative radio, offering everyone the opportunity to send their productions to air. 3 / Video: Record a "digging" path on the app or put a funny video of a guy who Digge genre same: / or that there = https: // giphy. com / gifs / web-eoxomXXVL2S0E Text: Now available on your mobile - iOS AND Android - you can take your radio anywhere with you and digger all the registers whenever you want: house, techno, deep, micro, indus, ambient and so on ... 4 / Video: Put a video in this style Text: You will be able to discover tracks heard nowhere else, fruits of the work of new talents, the future of the electronic music is written in four letters: PIWI. 4 / Video: Put a screen tutorial of the app. Text: Great new feature, with PIWI, you can now record your favorites directly in your playlist "j'aime" so as not to forget its name. 5 / Video: Put a screen tutorial of the app. Text: PIWI is not just a radio. This is the opportunity to rediscover all the podcasts lovingly concocted by young artists for PWFM. And to not miss a single one, you will receive a notification - if you want - as soon as there is a new one! 5 / Video: Put video, video type Make it rain: Text: And you will also find something to brighten up your evenings with the agenda. Winning seats in evenings has never been easier. PIWI is free, it's available on the App Store and on Google Play. Do not forget the key words of PWFM: APERO - RADIO - POTOS.

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