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Video recording of 15 min musical performance TODAY, as cameraman cannot attend

Hello, I am an opera singer and performing tonight at 8.30pm at The Worshipful Company Of Cutlers, nearest tube St. Paul's ( 4 min walk) My cameraman has cancelled today. I will need editing as well, ( 3 opera arias) From 6.30 to 7Pm we will be able to rehearse at the venue, check light, camera, microphones, etc Performance starts at 8.30,latest 8.45Pm I will be performing next to the grand piano , Below I pasted emails from organisers which will give the idea how the camera will be located, plus Ive attached a drawing of the venue where you can see your approximate location During the performance you will stay 30-40 metres from me, so I need one clip wi fi microphone on me and wi fi microphone with pianist ideally , so voice and piano sound would be recorded well( unless you have another suggestion) If you have any questions please let me know If you think you can do this, you will be expected to be at Livery hall today at 6.30pm so we do check everything After 7pm will be waiting time until 8.30pm You will be free at 9, 9.15max Thank you Location 4 Warwick Lane London EC4M 7BR The Livery Hall is Cutlers' Hall in Warwick Lane (behind the Old Bailey) Dear Vasili I think just one camera at location B only. In that corner of the Hall there is a room where the camera man can put the camera on a tripod (I presume it will be so rather than hand held) and then just move it in to the Hall behind the people sitting on the top table very discreetly whilst the Loving Cup is being passed around the Hall. That way his movements will not be noticed so much. The Beadle at the Hall will show him the room and advise when the Loving Cup is about to start. After the Loving Cup there will be coffee served and then you and Kheng will be on. I hope this helps. Dear Patrick, Thank you for your email. Please see below the approximate idea of possible locations for cameraman A- more close to the entrance B- behind the main table at the back of the hall I have option of cameraman installing one camera at B location and another one at A location, or just one camera at one of the mentioned locations .The installation takes about 5 minutes. Camera(s) will not be moved during the performance. In both cases, camera will be behind guests and not in from of them. Please let me know what location would be most comfortable for you. It is a good for me to have a video of the performance, but also I want you to be absolutely satisfied with the performance and be happy.

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3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Video Studio,
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