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Television Series motion graphics

We have been commissioned to produce a 13 part TV series based on a lifestyle format, with the main theme of the show being Happiness, Health and Wellbeing. We are looking for a talented motion graphics artist to help us develop some high end animations to be used throughout the series. There will be a number of animation templates to create including: * Opening sequence which could run 10-20 seconds * Animated name titles * Indents and stings of a few seconds each * Product screens which will feature a frame for video/image content and space for text details to be added. * Sponsor screens of a similar style * End credits * Transitions between scenes * Sub-category animations to introduce new segments (around 8-10 segment introductions to be created 6-8 seconds each in length * Other general lower thirds for transitions such as "On today's show", "Up next" etc. We will be more specific in the exact requirements, but the list above gives a good indication of the package we require. The animations ideally would be set up in After Effects so we can easily make changes each episode to things like name titles, product screens etc. We will be editing the show in Premiere. The chosen motion graphics designer will be supplied with a range of pre-existing collateral including Style Guide, fonts, brand colours, icons for segments, TV show logo, sponsor logos etc. Over time, we will be building a library of stock footage that we hope to utilise in the motion graphics as indents, which will replace original elements of the animations to keep the look and feel of the series fresh. Initially we can supply you with stock photos or video. We also have put together a sizzle reel for the show which has many of these elements included, but we are looking to take the motion graphics to another level. Password: vc2017 In your submission, we would value your feedback and ideas on potential animation treatments. Fonts, colours, even stock photos are to be utilised but brought to life in a dynamic way. As you can see, the bokeh, sun glare effect is used extensively, but open to other options that suit the style of the show, even 3D elements for logos etc. Please be aware this video is for private viewing only at this stage, do not share publicly. Applicants will be shortlisted based on previous portfolio examples and ideas shared based on the sizzle reel. A full pilot episode has already been edited, with new motion graphics to be added. Our turnaround time is going to be very tight, potentially looking at delivery of many animation elements by early July.

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