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CME eLearning course authoring and LMS setup

Course will include a 45 minute video of a scripted discussion between a doc and a pharmacist (I will provide this video), broken into 3 sections with review quiz between each section. Detailed graphics would support the content, but I'm not sure if this would be cutting away to full screen or trying to keep video and graphics side-by-side, etc. Pre and Post tests would be tracked for awarding CE units. This could be the first of a small library of Pharma CE courses. Undecided on authoring and LMS tools since I'm not sure which are best for our particular needs. I need ideas and estimates on CME courseware development. I am a web designer/video producer. My client is a PharmD medical writer/educator, but we do not have adequate eLearning authoring and LMS experience. I've shown a random fixed price in this job description but we're just looking for realistic numbers to present to the sponsoring organization. Feel free to respond here regarding your interest, questions, and similar experience. Based on your assessment of scope of work we can agree on cost. (Project may not start until mid-August.) (experience with eLearning authoring and LMS system set up required.)

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