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Video editing for our trailer for our app

We have filmed our trailer for our advert. We would like it to be around 60 Seconds OR How ever long it is to fit the scenes in, Nice quick and straight the point. The job is required to be edited Quickly and to a good standard. We are only a start up company. You will edit the clips and put in right order so it flows nice, Add the music & then we need some pop up effects adding on it. If you watch this video By watching the video its just like our one, we want those pop up effect's that show what the app is doing etc. Now once you provide us with the final clip, we will send it off to get voice over and then send it back to you. Once completed we should have an official video around 45 - 60 Seconds or something. But before releasing the official video you just need to cut a quick teaser from the final edit that might be 20 seconds or 30 seconds or less that shows people whats "coming soon" To make them look forward to the full video. 1 x final video 1 x teaser video I will provide you the files and also provide word document which should help you understand order. I have attached the story board so you can see that. Video is nice and clean and simple. Please look at story board, it wll help show you how simple the job actually is. :) Unlimited Revisions just in case few minor things need tweaking. WATCH THESE VIDEOS TO GET IDEA OF HOW OURS SHOULD BE

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Job: #8027

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One time job

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00:00 - 08:00

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Adobe Premier, Final cut, Windows Movie Maker,
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