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Filmaker in Mumbai

We’re looking for film makers in Mumbai to make a short 1-2 mins consumer video and also consumer/actors to film then in high quality to a story board. We'd love a quote from you ASAP please! Here’s the brief as we got it from the client: Our clients is having a sales meeting to introduce retail partners to upcoming products lines including new innovation. Their retailer partners are not used to seeing consumer reaction around new innovation from this form of testing ahead of a launch. In order to excite retailers about the new innovations we would like to create short videos of consumer reaction to the products based off of the wear tests that were conducted earlier this year We would like to develop a video roughly 1 to 2 minutes in length that showcase the product and consumer reaction to the product In doing so, we would also like to create story boards to share with the teams prior to any filming Target is jeans wearers between 25-35 For each video we would like a structure similar to: • Consumer Insight and Consumers talking about their problems / frustrations wearing jeans in hot / humid conditions • Show the product • Show how the wear test was conducted • Consumers talking about their wearing experience and impactful quotes • Conclusion from the wear test • We would like each video to be set to compelling music They would like it to be finished by 13th July so that’s just 2 weeks, appreciate that’s really short timing! (The sales meeting is the 17th so we may have a few more days buffer) I am finding out level of finish for the film - I don’t believe this is a glossy, high end thing, more of a raw documentary style that really lands the insight. It’s possible this could be another city in India other than Mumbai Please quote for costs of filmmaking and production and also consumer/actor recruitment and payment incentives. Consumers would need to be savvy, confident and outspoken in the films. We imagine you may need to interview 3-5 consumers for a 1-2 min film but open to suggestions? Look forward to hearing back from you! Rosie

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