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Sci-Fi Robotic Voiceover for Short Film

I've recently started a production for a sci-fi short film that will be entered for NASA's Cinespace competition. The film will be around 5mins long and tell the story of an astronaut about to make his descent back to Earth, when he realises the co-ordinates have been automatically inputted wrong and he is locked in an escape pod travelling deeper into space. As he comes to terms with his eventual demise, he reflects on his life whilst talking to the AI computer programmed on the ship. I am looking to cast the voice actor for 'Sebastian', the AI voice of the spaceship that talks to the lead character throughout the film; initially as a friend, helping the spaceship depart successfully - and then later, as a slightly more sinister character, when we realise the truth behind the situation. Looking towards 'Kevin Spacey's character in 'Moon' as inspiration (and like all AI-robot-voices) the character speaks quite monotone and emotionless, speaking mostly to inform of system procedures, rather than imaginative conversation; but we want to try and walk the line between 'is he just an automated robot, or does he have a mind of his own?'. We will add a slight-robotic filter in post-production to ensure an effective sound, but are looking for someone that has a committed and dynamic voice that can convey a variety of emotions in a character that is void of them. Anyone interested, please message with similar work and availability for June/July. Kind regards, Lewis Coates Static Flow Productions

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