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Film Audio mastering

I have a 34 minute short film, which I recently finished editing. This film will play in large, regular size movie theaters. What I like to do before finalizing the film it is clean up the audio a bit; get it mixed/mastered, eq'ed, etc. I would like for the final to be quiet/hiss-less as possible; no cable noises or frequency peeks, if any are heard. The audio is clean (as is) over all but there are some parts here and there that might need some extra work; such as, one part, about 2 minutes at the most... the actors are in a house dining room and their voices sound like they are in a small hall; not much furniture was in the room, so... I'd like to match it to a regular sounding room; as close to that as possible without suppressing it to where it sounds weird, different from other rooms. . Lavs and boom mics were used so the audio is close to clean as is. The main audio is over 300 film clips combined, but all will be on one file/track. I will not be sending the visual track so you won't be able to see what is going on; I will only send the audio. The EQ will be different each time it moves to another clip/scene. I'll send the audio as a "wav" or "mp3" or "avi" file...what ever works best for you and will give the best results. You'll be able to hear when people are having a normal conversation vs. shouting/arguing vs. speaking calmly/sensitive, etc. You should be able to see the peeks and drops in volume and be able to level it out/EQ it. I have 3 clips. One is the audio for the entire film (34 minutes). The other 2 are very short (2 minutes at the most) Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for responding.

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