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We want to pull together a list of key global book publishers and literary agents

General information for the business: We provide a service to writers Industry: Publishing/Journalism Description of support work: We are looking to create a database of the key global book publishers and Literary Agents. This information is available from at least 2 sources as follows: 1) Writers Guide books; 2) The web. In terms of the books, there are a number of 'Writers Guides' and similar which provide lists of publishers and literary agents. Some of these books are available digitally, some are not. In terms of the web, most publishers and literary agents also have a web presence and hence this information can be extracted from the web. On awarding of contract the list of data elements that will need to be created for each publisher or Literary agent will be provided but will be around 8-12 data elements including such things as name, location, email address, web address etc. Once compiled the list of publishers and literary agents and the associated data elements will need to be in a state where they can then be uploaded to a database (a CSV file is the preferred type). Extra notes: We have no specific requirements around the data scrape method or tool/s to be used. We will provide a template of the key data elements that need to be extracted (this will likely be in excel). It is likely that there will be some duplicate records across the different books and these will need to be separately reviewed as and when they occur. It is also likely that for some publishers and or literary agents there may be some missing pieces of data or more than one element. These need to be highlighted. We expect that there will be somewhere around 1000 individual publisher and literary agent records.

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