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I need a Business Developer/Sales Rep in USA/Europe for my Digital Business in India

General information for the business: We give entire back office to startups at very low cost. Industry: Internet/Software Geographical areas: USA, Europe Target customers: Startups, Midlevel and small level companies. Description of Business Development: Cost of hiring a Single Employee in a foreign country = Cost of employing 7-8 individually dedicated employees at the Indian Back-Offices. Let me elaborate upon this concept by an example- Suppose a Car Rental business in Switzerland wants to hire employees for website development, digital marketing etc, and suppose the cost per employee is around 3000-5000 euro. For these same per-employee hiring prices there, I guarantee an entire fully functional back-office in India with the following dedicated professionals: 1.) Two developers for Website Development, Mobile App development, or any other customized software development. 2.) One QA Tester 3.) One Digital Media and SEO Expert 4.) One Content Writer 5.) One Graphic Designer 6.) One Social Media Expert 7.) One Project Manager So, for the cost of hiring a single employee there, the clients are provided with the personalized services of 7 to 8 dedicated and efficient professionals, who will take care of the individual aspects of the business. The Clients therefore, A) Save a lot of money. B) Get more work done, more quickly and much more effectively. C) Get better customized services on a personal basis. Extra notes: It would be better if we discuss.

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One time job

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Druggist, Logistics specialist, Meteorologist,
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