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Help me to create a professional looking crowd funding campaign for investors

We are seeking to work with investors for our UK property investment program. We are looking for initial capital and will require further tranches of investment as we increase the size of our portfolio. We have created a new business for the purpose of these investments and will be providing security and transparency of the company holding invested capital. We have over 100 properties currently and could expand this to well over 1000 on the same principle. The opportunity is in the Buy-Renovate-Rent property sector which provides investors with security as well as traditional bricks and mortar investment with a proven track record of growth. If you think this could be developed with you we would be pleased to expand on the opportunity, or advise how we can proceed? In the event the attached is not clear enough please visit We are looking for someone with previous experience working of a Crowd Funding appeal, I have some knowledge of who to approach but you need to be very specific who you use and for how long it runs for and the requested amount. Check if crowdfunding is even right for you Over plan Consider the nitty-gritty Research and choose the right platform Get legal Learn from others Don't be afraid to be annoying Build trust and transparency Get early adopters Get creative with rewards I've never do this before, so need the experience so we don't go wrong. Best regards, Tim StClair-Pearce

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