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Legal Advice - UK Small Claims Court - Personal Fraud in Spain

Description of legal work: With regards to the following, I would like solid legal advice and possibly help along the way on how to proceed in the most economic, easy and efficient way possible using the UK Small Claims Court please. * In January 2016 I lent a "friend" a sizeable sum of money (less than 10,000 EUR) whilst we were both in Spain. I transferred funds from a bank account in Guernsey to her Spanish bank account. She has since left Spain and ceased/blocked all contact with me and all other friends. * I now have a home address for her acquired via a P.I. * I am originally from Guernsey but predominantly spend my time working in Spain. * I wrote an email contract before lending her the money to which she replied with a new copy filled in and accompanied by her digital signature. I have proof of this email receipt and proof of the bank transactions. * It is likely that she no longer has the money and a payment plan will need to be set up. * Another friend of mine is also owed money from the same "friend" and would like to couple-in on the process if possible. * My main concerns are: 1, That the "friend" disappears again upon receipt of a legal letter. 2, That the jurisdictions of UK/Guernsey/Spain in addition to the unknown address might impede progress. * My lesser concerns are: 1, What constitutes as Prior notice - Is an email to an email address that she possible might not use sufficient? 2, Will I need to attend court? 3, What if I can’t make the court date? 4, Can I add my legal fee costs to the claim for the "friend" to pay? 5, Can I add my Flights/Taxis/Hotel to the claim for the "friend" to pay? 6, Can a friend who has also money owed to her from the same "friend" join in on this claim? 7, Can I add in some hours of design work that I did for her and went unpaid? 8, What’s the latest date I can set the interest fee date for? 9, If she doesn’t have the money is it that we arrange a solid payment plan? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Nic

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