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Inter-company property development asset ownership contract

Legal topic: Property Description of legal work: There are (say) six project-oriented companies (A B C D E F), each set up to oversee the development and expansion of one individual property improvement and management project. The companies are in common owner/directorship - lets say P owns them. P is now starting a new umbrella company (X), to publicise our work on those six projects (we'll add new companies for new projects) and seek new business and generally consolidate our assets and grow the business. We're good at what we do, and this consolidation should really let us fly. We will need contracts ongoing I'm sure. Initially we want something that the new company X can issue to each individual project company A - F wherein X acquires all rights to the project. So company A would continue its marketing and admin functions, receiving payments and juggling tenants, paying bills and organising things - from building and project management to tenant referencing - but for a nominal consideration would assign all its rights to the new company X. Thus instead of the perceived value of the empire being spread across six entities the whole value is vested in company X, which we can then sell (or whatever) in due course. All our projects are in the UK. For now. Extra notes: I don't care how experienced you are as long as: 1) You're good, based on my perception and whatever credentials you can present 2) I imagine you will be UK based, but it's not (all things being equal) important and 3) You're literate. And responsive. 4) You read the brief and not just send me some boilerplate crap telling me how bloody marvellous you are. Thanks; look forward to talking to you.

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