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I need to do a SWOT analysis for a sales interview role

Industry: Technology Geographical areas: UK Data to include: I have an interview with a company called Algolia, they have asked me to do the following so that i can proceed to the next round. The role is business development in the UK Part 1: SWOT analysis The first project is a SWOT analysis on a vertical where we’re seeing traction today: SaaS products. Would be part of this vertical services such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Front, Trello. We would like you to lay out the strengths and weaknesses of Algolia for this vertical (please use this exercise to also show your technical understanding of the product). Part 2: Approaching NBCUniversal For the second part of the assignment, we would like you to build an action plan to get into NBCUniversal. Please be creative on this one. We want to see how strategic and detailed you are in the way you approach a new account. We expect to see things such as: - SWOT analysis of Algolia for the account - mapping of the account (identification of the key business units/ key people to get in touch with) - writing of a few outbound emails - listing of the specific content you would use Part 3: Here is one email we’d like you to reply to: Hi there, I am the CTO We’re a marketplace based out of Sidney focusing on electronic goods. We want to move from our Solr engine to something new. We’re currently using Magento for our website. We’re looking at the different options out there including Elasticsearch and you guys. My team is very into open source so could you help me out convincing them to talk to you guys? Extra notes:

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