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Sales Agent needed for our new Business Intelligence Platform product

- About the opportunity? Sales Agent. Lead generation, email, phone and face-to-face. Hour/day rate retainer + commission. We’re due to launch the platform in August 2017 and are seeking businesses to sign up to our pre-order agreement at this stage. Pre-ordering business benefit hugely from being onboard at this point - their annual contract licence is frozen of the lifetime of the agreement as an incentive for joining early, and the business can enjoy increasing functionality, year on year. Riselabs possess the necessary technical expertise to grow the platform and require the sales element to increase our client base. We’re offering great potential for suitable freelance sales agents that join us and can support you with the sales process as is required. We can also provide a wealth of marketing resources. - Why should self-employed sales professionals consider working with this company? Our development team have considerable technical development and consultancy experience. We have worked with business spanning multiple industries, building a host of internal software tools, some of which run their entire business. We are closely involved with our clients and have ongoing business relationships with them. Our understanding of their needs ensures we can roadmap and develop the right solution that they need that helps them to improve their processes and enhance their potential. Moving into a cloud-based product market with exceptional potential, we require the support of experienced sales agents who are well-versed in this area of expertise. - What kind of self-employed sales professional is best suited to this opportunity? We’re looking for sales agents who ideally possess experience in cloud-based software, more specifically CRMs and Business Intelligence tools. We would be searching for agents with strong knowledge in this area, but are also able to understand the varying needs of the SME this appeals to, as well as negotiation with Directors and decision makers within the business. Holly applies to many industry verticals where the common denominator in there is high lead volume. - Training and support? Riselabs can provide either online or face-to-face training for those who are suitable and come on board with us. We’re also on hand to answer the questions you may have that can support your work with us.

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Job: #8961

420 day(s) 3h 28m



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One time job

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00:00 - 08:00

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CMS knowledge, CRM skills, Google Keyword Planner,
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