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I am starting up a community roughly aimed at 11-19 year olds. The business model is a mix of B2B and B2C which is unusual and includes the education market. I have been building an organic list of direct email contacts for both B2B and B2C users. I have also been sending random email newsletters out over the past year or so. My time is becoming ever more limited to manage this though and I'm conscious that this is not being managed as effectively as it could be. I'm now looking for an email marketing whizz that is used to working with Mailchimp but who can ideally do the following: 1. Help grow our lists legally. Feel free to give your experience/ideas. I am not looking to 'buy' a list and work our way through it/annoy people. Also growing the list is not top priority at the moment. I am just looking for examples of what you may be able to do in the longer term. 2. Setup a great looking Mailchimp template or custom template. 3. Suggest how often the newsletters should go out and manage this whole process. I am looking for someone who can manage different newsletter campaigns at once if needed. I am happy to supply copy/images/ideas + direction but it would be best if you could be self sufficient and get ideas from what is happening on our community too. 4. If you are capable of getting leads and sales via newsletter campaigns for the education or teen markets, please give examples of this. If you can increase newsletter subscribers for these markets then please give examples of this. If you have any ideas at this stage please let me know, however experience is more important. It is possible this may turn into a long term job, however I don't have a massive budget so I will need your very best quotes and evidence of what you can do. Native English language speakers only please, with UK English being used on all channels. We may ask you to sign an NDA should you start working with us.

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