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I need help with branding and marketing strategies.

Hello, We are a energy and utility management firm based in the USA. We provide strategic energy cost-saving opportunities by employing individualized energy services. We uncover untapped energy coverage below market price, custom energy renewal, utility reimbursements, and auditing. We tie in unidentified utility-side savings opportunities to reduce utility spend. We serve as an acting Energy Management Department, to minimize administrative burden, procurement strategy and other services. We target all types of businesses and market/resell gas and energy to targeted business customers. We are looking to brand our existing customers and target new customers. Our existing marketing is through email/telephone. One of the marketing/branding strategies we are envisioning is an after sales approach. Either providing content via email/packet or in person with physical/virtual documentation. I am looking for someone to help consult with me for the best method possible to keep recurring customers and target future customers. The strategies we would discuss is the timing of the after sale and the in-depth content, after a complete understanding of our market is understood. If the deliver is satisfactory, you will be retained for all future marketing endeavors ongoing. I would need to see past projects of marketing content and method instilled, and the results of the project. We would need someone with vast experience. English based preferred in the US. Due to proper communication barriers and fast communication efforts. Please message me to further discuss the project, I will be transacting in one week.

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