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Hi, I run an engineering company called Think Engineer. We primarily develop technical product prototypes for our clients, for them to use in demonstrations, investor pitches, user trials, etc. We develop custom electronics, software, algorithms, and 3D printed parts. Everything needed to provide a complete demo. Over the last couple of years, we take on a lot of different types of products, and don't really do any active/paid advertising. We have built up some key specialist skills, and have a better understanding of the skills that are generally in demand from our clients. We would like to better define our target market, and understand how to advertise to them. We want to give our website a complete overhaul, and target the content to the kind of customers that we will be marketing to, and then we want to experiment with driving some quality paid traffic to the new site. Before we commission the redesign of the site, we would like to have a good understanding of who we will market to, and how we will market to them, so we can make sure we have the site designed for that audience. We need assistance with figuring out how to better define our client base in a way that means we can effectively market to them. If you think you can help, I'd love to have a quick call about how you can help, and the approach you will take to get us to the point that we can form some good web design requirements, and produce an appropriate marketing strategy. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, -Steve

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