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A blog written on: 17 Weird yet Usable Products that Exist

Num. of articles: 1 Words per article: 800 (Minimum) Blog/website url: Information for the blog/website: An electronics store that provides a complete range of smart devices. Industry: Technology Topic: 17 Weird yet Usable Products that Exist Tone: Formal/Professional Outline & Structure: Formatting Requirements: • Headers • List of 17 Weird Products followed by short paragraphs explaining their usage (no more than 3-4 lines) • Hyperlinks (only credible sources) • Call-To-Action (at the end) Article Structure: INTRO: 100 words. Engaging intro that introduces smart devices in a nutshell & explains their significance. Use examples such as Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone etc. to highlight how smart devices make everyday tasks & multitasking a whole lot easier. BODY: 700 -850 words. Break the article body into a list of 17 Weird Products (each supported by a short para) of approximately 40-50 words each. Each para should adequately explain the practical usage of the product. E.g.: Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone A – This is one of the handiest party supplies – be it for a home celebration or travel and camping, perfect to show your voice… & so on. CONCLUSION: 50-70 words. Use an effective Call-to-Action towards the end to convince the reader to try out these weird products for themselves & reap their benefits. Extensive research needed: yes Extra notes: Are you passionate about smart devices? If so, we are looking for you! We are looking for a master wordsmith to create a list of 17 Weird yet Usable Smart Gadgets, which explains their benefits clearly & is entertaining + informative. It should be something that users will share & link to. Please reply with 'Weird' as your cover letter header & send us relevant links to be considered for this job.

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