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I need someone to help me writing blog posts

Num. of articles: 10 Words per article: 450 Information for the blog/website: I want to start blogging about relevant information within the crypto currency world Industry: Technology Topic: Digital Currency Tone: Witty/Sharp Outline & Structure: I am looking to create a blog that explains digital currencies in layman terms. Overall tone should be instructive but in a casual and witty way. Structure should be: 1.Meaningful and attention grabbing headline 2. Body with lots of space and large font. 3. Key images 4. Copy with short tight paragraphs and a variety of sub headlines, lists, indentations. Should keep reading light and interesting. 5. Call to action like click to links for easy sharing 6. End with question that prompts reader engagement. Extensive research needed: yes Extra notes: Subjects to discuss: 1. Quick review of most relevant crypto currencies. What they do, what is the model, etc. 2. How to start invest in Coins and what to expect. 3. General trending news within crypto 4. Why sudden rise or fall of coin prices 5. Posts about mining crypto 6. Understanding how digital currencies work - posts must have accompanying imagines. Please send url for image. - post must be accompanied by 5-6 trending tag words For samples check out: 1.

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