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Num. of words: 200-300 Topic: COOL-DOWN ANALYSIS OF SUBSEA SEPARATORS Tone: Formal/Professional Outline & Structure: Need help with some questions. Find below: (1)The work should contain numerical modelling that will provide (optimisation function) for a minimum thickness of the material and insulator for the multiphase separator that will prevent hydrate formation. (2) There should be use of necessary simulation software such as aspen hysys or the 3D CAD model such as Ansys to perform simulation on the separator to check for appropriate thickness that can prevent hydrate (3.) The result of the optimisation thickness of the material and the insulator and simulation model should be compared for suitable Then questions to be answered on a separate paper 1. What is the type of optimisation function is used for the thickness and what are the boundary conditions used. 2. What is the software used and what are the input parameters and output parameters. What type of equation do the software solve. 3.what is the mathematical model or used for the optimisation. a. Function to be optimised, objective function. b. Boundary conditions taken. C. Assumptions made. Prepare a flow chart Showing how the problem Can be solved step by step. Extra notes:

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