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Data Analysis

I am in need of someone to help with the data analysis section of a research paper. The demographic section has been written and a quick read through to check APA formatting is all that is needed. It needs two graphs/charts to reflect income and marital status in APA format. As for the rest beyond demographics I want a full data analysis run to determine any significant correlations. Beginning at family structure and on I need a data analysis run and additional information and charts included in the section. Possible things I am hoping to find from the research: · This research will identify the family members that reside in the participant’s homes and provide insight into extended families’ direct involvement in their nuclear family. · The shift in gender equality and women’s rights has been very apparent and I plan to examine millennials’ views on women and men as equals in the household. · I looked at how income impacts an individual’s views, and if a higher income signifies more or less traditional values. The impact of education levels of views was addressed, as was the impact of personal experience. For example, if participants grew up around extended family and if they view raising children around extended family an important step. 1) What role does extended family play in nuclear families? 2) Has parental influence impacted their decisions? 3) How do they view filial piety? 4) What are their views of family roles, which include traditional and modernized roles? · Descriptive analysis, Chi-square, and ANOVA, and others deemed necessary This data section has been started but I would like new information and an analysis created, along with graphs and charts, and a new section drafted, it may include the previous material but should also include the information you gathered from your analysis. ALL IN APA! The three attachments are the code book and the coded data along with the data analysis section of the paper. If the rest of the research is needed I can provide that as well!!

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