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Hi Ina, Im looking to up date my CV, i worked for myself for a numbering of years, trying out a few business ideas. I decided i wanted to go back to work for a company, started in a sales role, but found it really wasnt for me. We had a litle girl in July 2016, so i took a year out to re-evaluate things, and worked for myself again part time. Trying and testing the water wih a life coaching business. * First thing i'd like to look at is the length of time i was self employed, 10 years. The second thing is the gap on my cv for the last year, i'd like to some how evidence my life coaching research. and training courses i've attended And thirdly im looking to move away from sales, so im looking for a little bit of advice on how i could use my tranferable skills to gain other roles. Im looking for a non managment, fairly low pressure role, so i can develop a little business in my own time. Which means i wont be stressed about finanaces but focused on being creative. My ide with a CV is this: have a 3 page CV with more content than i need, that covers a whole range of tasks. Cut and paste relevenat information and amend job titles and profiles, so its tailored to roles. As there's so much variation between roles and cross over, and i live in an area with high unemployment. I want o be able to increase my hit rate, by sending multiple applications, as quickly and professionaly as possible. My aim is to appy for roles, that i simply like the look of, feel i i'll be able to do, and take a chance. So i dont feel an industry specific CV will meet my needs. I'd rather foucs on skill set, adding addition skills and achievements to my CV, that i can utilise as need be. Thanks Danny

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