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Num. of words: 225 - 230 words Topic: Tourism SOLUTION Tone: Formal/Professional Extra notes: Professional Scriptwriter Needed We are looking for a professional Scriptwriter to come up with 230 words promoting the launching of our new Tourism Platform. The script will be divided into four paragraphs: Introduction (25-30 Words), Clients’ Benefit (75-80 Words), Principals’ Benefit (75-80 Words), Closing Statement (50 Words). The importance element (ALL WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTER) within the following script should be highlighted and indorsed… Hence, the Smart Booking System should be presented and promoted as a BUZZ SMART SOLUTION to a tired Tourism Market thirsty for changes, and the other TOUR OPERATORS are presented as a cancer/tumour/Blood sucking Dracula. ********************************************************************************************** Scenario Brief: It will be about the launching of new Intelligent (SMART) Booking System on Moorish Tourism Website, with 03 Bookings Modules: *1st Module is called -Pack-maker- and its slogan "Package Your Holiday", *2nd Module is Called -Deal Generator- and its slogan "Generate Your Holiday", *3rd Module is called -Bargain-maker- and its slogan "Choose Your Holiday". ***************************************************************************************** Script Introduction: Timing 10 Seconds The Tourism Industry struggled through the Years and since 1998 to bring novelty and creativity when promoting their services on the Internet… Such lack of freshness make all existing booking platforms functionalities look the same and identical. A routine which denied the Internet user from any joy or pleasure experience. Moorish Tourism is now here to inject a remedy into this routine situation, through its innovative and creative Booking Platform called “Moorish SOLUTION”. It introduces you with Three Modules called: “Pack-maker" (Package Your Holiday), “Bargain-maker" (Choose Your Holiday), "Deal Generator" (Generate Your Holiday). Clients’ Benefit: Timing 30 Seconds The "Deal Generator" will respond Automatically and SMARTLY to the SPECIFIC requirement of clients, through an Intelligent SMART approach, and by recommending the best offer available on the market in short specific time WITH LESS hassle and LESS effort. With no fake news, this is not a compare Site platform BUT A GENERATOR for the Best Price; ALL LIVE and REAL. Principals’ Benefit: Timing 30 Seconds As a token of Loyalty to our Main Suppliers, The "Deal Generator" will not only ease the work flow of your booking procedure, but also bring a new era of collaboration based on TRUE MUTUAL TRUST. This LIVE and INSTANT Motor is the new SMART beneficial tool to Principals in attracting THE RIGHT CLIENT on THE RIGHT TIME for THE RIGHT PERIOD. Closing Statement: Timing 20 Seconds SO… Being a KNIGHT SAVER from the arrogance and greediness of Tour Operators (who is an intermediary with the only aim is to charge clients the maximum and pay the Suppliers the lowest price), Moorish SOLUTION Platform with its "Deal Generator" Module will be a buzz in THE Tourism Industry, and a tool to break this chain of exploitation which both Clients and Suppliers have been suffering with, since along time... What are you waiting for, then? Try it yourself or spread the word around… This is the antidote to Safe Money, Time, and Efforts. *****************************************************************************************

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