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Screenplay and VO script

Topic: led mirror Tone: Formal/Professional Extensive research needed: yes Extra notes: any format or template for brief? below my brief, any more you need? purpose let audience believe the product can come to real world and let them know the benefit and feature of product and build trust for my product and my team, LATER we want let them engage and help mouth to mouth to spread my product, then final goal is to back my crowdfunding project and raise fund and build relation with my fans. audience women to dress or makeup on mirror that hang on wall, man can too. house that are not well decorate and have not mirror with good light . low budget to decorate the house like rent etc. better you can research it, we not know the west culture well. we from china. problem audience have need a clear quality mirror to makeup and easy to setup on wall light so clear makeup and dress on mirror on dark room name 16.7x27.5 Inch Oval LED Wall Mirrors feature HIGH QUALITY GLASS WHITE MIRROR: Quite clean and bright, ideal for make up. high quality LED light 2 Dimmer Modes controlled by Touch Sensor Built-in 4000mAh Lithium battery, last about 4-5 days. auto turn off after 15 minute. install it in your bedroom or bathroom or Vanity, just one screw (Not include) 5.8 Pounds more info other will use voiceover and send a product to you. about 1 minutes length suggest 1 Capture the viewers interest in the first 10 seconds. show product or benefit then product at first 10 seconds 2 after show product then show the founder or team. What inspired you, drove you, obsessed you about your service or product? 3 KISS. You know what it means. . . Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t complicate. Don’t overload. Don’t use terms, ideas or words that the average Joe doesn’t understand. 4. Be Authentic. Don’t try to be something you are not. If you need to hire a professional to represent your project, don’t let the pro pretend to be you. People will respond to the authentic, real you.

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