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ImageMagick Image Cropping / Sorting Script

I’ve a client that needs a script to crop and sort images – he’s mentioned using image magik The client is providing photo wallpaper so I guess he wants to programmatically output all different cropping sizes of each wallpaper that work visually and he’s aware there will have to be human interaction defining an image focal point and min/max cropping area. It’s also a discussion point whether a human will have to discard any unsatisfactory images created or it can be done programmatically via guidelines provided Here is the brief, after calling the client I get what he means but I don’t think it’s as clear as it can be here – so give me a call if it’s something you’re interested in and have questions give me a call A standalone application in PHP Laravel using image magick to crop and sort images: Project2 Name: Part 3 Manufacturing & Wallpaper Product Creation Create Products & Manufacturing Workflow • Define Background Area for wallpaper to fill on in-situ image • Drag and drop points over image to define • Sort & Filter Backgrounds by • Quality • Tags Image Dimensions Script (per product basis) • Define image focal point • Define Max Crop Area • Define Pattern • Repeat Horizontally • Repeat Vertically • Repeat Both • Create only product variations based on Min Max Crop Used to limit which images will be offered to the customer because if an image is cropped or stretched too much we lose any value in the end product Variation Images must include a cropped image / tile map to show the exact image the customer will receive with dimensions and tile details, manufacturing IDs etc Preview variations & Images and save product settings Functionally To export the variations and products to Magento, Amazon & eBay Create Artwork Workflow • Create function to create & download artwork to Hot folders manually • Crop & Stretch Image • Flip Image if reversed • Resize Image • Add Information to footer • Manufacturing Barcodes • Tile Numbers • Web Address • Installation Information • Export Image Script to automatically download and Update Manufacturing Records

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