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Product Description Writers Needed

Num. of articles: 100 Words per article: 300 Details about the product: Practice Tests Industry: Education Tone: Informal/Casual Outline & Structure: *** Only Accepting Native English Speakers from North America and Europe at this Time *** We are looking for talented writers with product description experience to create 100 high-quality product description sets for our online practice tests. Specifically, each 300-word product description set will contain one brief summary description and one extended description. Each set will include the following: • Summary Description @ 25-30 words each • Extended Description @ 250 words each In your proposal, please indicate: - how many product descriptions you are interested in writing - how many hours you estimate this project would require - turnaround time We want to make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running, so you will receive the following to help get you started: • Style guide • Examples • Detailed list of product features and benefits • Best practices Your qualifications: - Excellent writing, grammar, spelling, and formatting - Experience creating conversational style copy - An exceptional portfolio that demonstrates an ability to create persuasive conversational style copy. - Established profile Extensive research needed: no Extra notes: Examples of the Brief Summary Descriptions Our free SAT Practice Test has been crafted to help you see where you stand and know what to expect on the SAT. A great place to start! Ready for even more practice? SAT Practice Test 2 is designed for those looking to test their knowledge even further. Get started now! Why take just one practice test when so many free practice tests are available? Get the results you want with SAT Practice Test 3. Boost your confidence now. Think you’re ready for the college admissions test? Why leave it to chance, when SAT practice test 4 can give you the additional practice you need. Practice makes perfect. Simulate test day with our SAT Simulator Test. The closest thing to the real exam. Same number of questions and passing score. See how well you stack up.

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