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Write a powerful feature and benefits sales presentation

Kind of writing: Commercial Industry: Business Information for the business: we are energy consultants Topic: Sales presentation Tone: Formal/Professional Outline & Structure: I am salesperson for an energy brokerage and I need a winning sales presentation in a word format, to boost my sales and establish a real positive edge in sales meetings The job is to write a feature and benefit presentation to persuade potential clients to agree to buying our services. I am looking for someone who has written a sales presentation or understands the requirements of sales presentation. I will memorize the presentation and use it sell our services to potential clients. If you have examples of previous work or even better clients that have really benefited from your that would be even better. Any questions just let me know, This is the website hopefully it will provide details of our service (please, only call our office if you have won the bid) In terms of the work I will differentiate work that is originally written against the a 'cut & paste' approach with added text. Therefore please bid accordingly based on how you intend to write the work. Original content is by far the most desired approach. However f the website content requires tweaking but is ideal for the work then please bid accordingly. Basically I do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a cut and paste job. Extensive research needed: no Extra notes:

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