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QGIS style sheets to render OSM data (PostgreSQL/postgis) like OSM or Google maps

I'm looking for QGIS style sheets to render OSM data held in a Postgres/PostGIS db to look like Google Maps. Perhaps style sheets to do this exist somewhere already but can't find them. If you find already existing sheets that I have the rights to use, I'll pay you for finding them. If not, I'm looking for someone to create them. I have imported OSM data for the UK into a Postgres9.5/postgis2.2 db. I use QGIS 2.8 to connect to the db to visualise the data. I need style sheets created for each table: planet_osm_line planet_osm_point planet_osm_polygon planet_osm_roads A sample of data the roads table and full schema is attached. Each table has columns representing the tags of the stored info which the style sheet will use to know how to render the item. As they represent tags, most columns are empty as there are many possible tags and usually only a few set. Full tag info can be found at (a lot of info). Note planet_osm_roads does not only contain roads, it also has things like harbours and waterways etc. A technical point, the osm data was loaded with the osm2pgsql tool using the --hstore option so any tags that don't fit in the columns are stored in the hstore column. It's essential that you like doing this sort of design/rendering (or online searching) work - there's no point taking this task if you're going to find it a pain. In my experience of pph that never works out if you don't enjoy the task. If there is anything else you need to be able to consider this task, please get in touch. Thank you, Ian

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